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The contractor will tell you that it is 5,000 dollars. Your deductible is $500. So, you will pay the deductible and your home warranty will cover the rest. Depending on how your contract is set up, you may only have to pay this one for the year or you may have to pay it based on the amount of the repair. For example, now that you spent the $500 and the septic was replaced, your hot water heater has begun to leak. Your home warranty may cover it since you have already paid the deductible for the year, or you may need to pay another share of the deductible.

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After introductions, I watched David as he went the extra step and explained every step of his trouble shooting process.

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Many people tend to think that the only thing they need is a home insurance policy.

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Remove the cover and inspect the drain.

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3 weeks ago, I called the claims dept.